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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  November 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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i don't' the race for the white house comes down to this, election day. we'll show you how the bay in who wins florida and the nation. >> and federal investigators are in the bay area this morning, they're here to keep your vote safe and make sure people have the chance to cast their ballot. >> also today a race for congress, could congressman david jolly lose his seat to former governor charlie crist. we're looking at where this race stands right now. good morning p.m. and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thanks for waking up with us
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season but this morning pretty cool. a little cooler this morning, maybe cooler heads will continue to prevail, right, 60 right now in zephyrhills, a little cooler at 64 in sarasota. a slight difference than yesterday when you care 5 a.m. yesterday to 5 a.m. today about 2 degrees cooler but 5 degrees cooler in clearwater right now. so let's take you through your metro cast the sun is going to 8 p.m. 66 degrees, you don't see any rain. 78 at noon and 3, 4:00 today temperatures will be in the low 80s, i'll take you hour by hour and track how long it's been dry in tampa but let's check in on the roadways. we already had overnight construction clear up on our skyway bridge. here's another look, great drive. in fact, all of our bay area bridges look very good at this point. let's
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great drive here and no delays in and out of pasco county. it's looking very good on i-75. that's a look at weather and traffic. and it's your vote today. the campaigning is over, and election day is finally here. . >> polls open at 7 avenues family man this morning and close at 7 tonight. of course all eyes are on the presidential race. both donald trump and hillary clinton finished their final rallies last night. tonight hope will be victory parties just blocks from each other. >> we have team coverage this election day morning. we begin live in hillsborough county which could be a predictor for the entire state in this presidential race. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in the last 19 out of 20 presidential elections voters here in hillsborough county successfully picked the president of the united states and of course this morning the big question is will that happen again when voters show up all
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look at the past 2 presidential elections to see what happened in hillsborough. in 2012 hillsborough went blue, president obama beat mitt romney. 4 years before that obama prevailed over john mccain by around 10,000 votes. voters have expressed to us they hope the system is fair and balanced. the supervisor of us there's an electronic tally and paper votes. voters are confident though. >> if everybody want everything to be done correctly let it be done with the faith of the people. >> and again, of course the precincts here in hillsborough county open at 7 a.m. they close at 7 tonight. anyone in line at 7 p.m. will still be able to vote.
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in nbc's final battleground map looking at the electoral college vote. the winner needs to reach 270, clinton is predicted to secure at least 274 based on this particular map right here. . >> trump needs to win the toss up states and flip a blue state to red. we continue our team coverage now live from polk county where trump needs to win if he's going to win florida. . >> reporter: yeah, that's true. in the past 2 elections mitt romney in 2012 and john mccain in 2008. it is important to note that both won by just 5% of the vote here in polk county. now, looking at today's election, the county is split among 3 ways, democrats, republicans and independent dans. that makes it truly a purple of purple state and a must watch according to
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. >> we are in the center of the i-4 corridor. the way that polk goes is the way that the corridor will go. >> reporter: now, the final early voting numbers here in polk county 168,000 residents voted early or by mail, however, the number of democrats versus republicans who voted right at watching polk county very closely. will this be the year that the democrats take this county or will they hold strong for the republican party? . >> this is the day we're going to find out. thanks. well, trump held his final florida rally in sarasota yesterday morning. he predicted a win here and says he is in it to win it, and not get credit for starting a movement. >> i don't want any credit if we lose.
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credit. i'm looking to make america great again. >> all right. jimmy buffett help lead clinton final rally last night before he performed a free concert. the vice president spoke to the crowd and said he believes florida will decide the whole election. >> it's in the hands of the people of florida, we could go to bed pretty early once the results of this state come in, i really mean it . >> meanwhile clinton finished with a rally last night in philadelphia standing beside president obama and the first lady as well as former president bill clinton. >> and wave close eye on florida's u.s. senate race today. a poll shows senator marco rubio with a 7 point lead but check this out a poll has
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now, also amendment 1 the fight over solar power. utility companies have spent big money to get you to vote yes but opponents are fighting hard against it. it needs 60% support to pass. in hillsborough county will see federal election monitors watching out for your votes rights today. it's one of 67 jurisdictions across the country that the u.s. department of justice will be monitoring in person, a total of will be watching polls across the u.s. today, that's a 35% reduction from the number 4 years ago. hundreds of federal employees will also be on high alert today concerned about a cyber attack. officials are monitoring incoming intelligence from several top secret facilities like this underground bunker on the east coast. the nation is ready to react to any threat to communication or command systems including an attack on the u.s. power grid.
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chance of this happening but it's not insignificant. >> 6 national cyber centers and 54 state emergency operation centers have been activated. security is also on high alert in new york city where both candidates will host their election night party. the new york police department has 5,000 uniformed officers on the dedetail compare rabble to the pope's visit. well, news channel 8 is we have special coverage all day and special coverage when the polls close of course. you can also check or or app for updates as they come in, and follow us on social media use the hashtag wfla politics. also if you haven't gone to the polls yet be sure to check our election guide on let's check in, many headed out to vote before they go to work this morning.
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little cooler than yesterday but still running above average. polls open 65 degrees comfortable, a few clouds out there, should make for a really pretty sunrise. mid-day voting 78 degrees for your lunch break still mostly sunny and a gorgeous evening when the policy close, 74 degrees with a light breeze. the last time it rained at tampa international airport was october 15th. we've been doing a count starting on the 16, we went through the rest o of november, so as of yesterday 23 straight dry days. today should be another one. tomorrow i added in a 20% rain chance with a weak cold front. it's only slightly going to drop down or temperatures. we had some construction clear up on the skyway bridge. we've got a report of an accident on the howard frankland bridge. i've checked my cameras. i do not see anything as of yet also not seeing any
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for you. meanwhile out here southbound i-75 we do have a lane taken away due to overnight construction. here's a live look at traffic i-75 around fowler avenue it looks absolutely wonderful. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. a pinellas deputy is being credited this morning with saving a woman's life on the skyway bridge. yesterday evening as howard finley was driving home he spotted a woman sitting on the ledge and grabbed her pulling her to safety. she says she was upset over her marriage and personal problems and wanted to die. well, a bay area could be getting new congressman in today's election z. the race between jolly and crist is a big talker. coming up next who's leading this morning as voters head to the polls. >> plus could there be a new solution to your sinus problems. i'm going to show you how it's
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. more your vote coverage
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fight for the 13th congressional district in pinellas county. david jolly could lose his seat to former florida governor charlie crist. do we have any idea how this race is leaning this morning? . >> reporter: well, the former governor of florida could be headed from our state capital to our nation's capital, a recent poll conducted on november 6th puts david jolly. that survey was conducted by this was all sparked with marco rubio was on the presidential campaign trail earlier this year and his u.s. senate seat was up for grabs. eager to jump into rubio's place since the redrawing of his district was republican david jolly but that was not meant to be. when his poll numbers started dipping
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presidential bid and decided to retable his seat sending jolly back to run to keep his job against the former governor. both will be hosting watch parties here in pinellas county this evening. crist will be at the done szar in st. pete beach and jolly will be at the vinoy in st. petersburg. again voting -- the polls open at 7 a.m. here in pinellas county appeared last until 7 p.m. tonight to plenty of time to cast your ballot if you haven't done so already. it's going to be a busy day. and in some other news now a woman who was caught on camera stealing her neighbor's campaign sign is back. once again take a look the woman on the golf cart seen here taking another hillary clinton sign from her neighbor's yard. lisa eskob says the thefts happened a week apart. this woman has not been identified but this time around
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you know, i chalked the first one up to political -- you know, i just said i'll let it go, i'd like to find her but i was just going to let it go. now, i'm really angry. i'm really really angry. this is harassment. >> maybe not so much when it happens twice. when he will trump supporters have also complained about their signs being stolen. stealing campaign signs is illegal and those caught could be charged with a misdemeanor. we're still hours away know w the white house but in washington preparations are already being made. the secret service, fbi, fema and other agencies have been planning the event for months while workers build what will be the reviewing stand for the parade just off the north side of the white house. >> it's a historic event. so the american public and the international body at large they want to see this. >> the new president of the
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of office on january 20th. now, an 8 on your side alert an increasingly popular medical device could be the solution to your sinus problems. while surgery opens the sinus a stent may produce those long lasting results sufferers long for. >> just a lot of pressure, it's very uncomfortable. lots of headaches and difficulty breathing. >> she has been suffering from sinus infections for as long it's a problem many in the bay area face. >> it seems to be a big problem in florida and i think it's because of the hot humid claim mate. >> the results inn #234r5i8d sinuses with symptoms over the counter medications sometimes only temporarily relief. for long lasting effects his go to tool is propel, a stent that keeps the sinus open after
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directly to the sinus. >> as part of this procedure you first drain it and then you put in the stent. >> correct. so during surgery we enlarge and open the natural openings. the problem is those tend to shut during the healing process. what it does is keeps them open while somebody is recovering from surgery. >> the stent eventually dissolves. >> i did feel an immediate difference, and iee permanent solution the effects can be long-lasting. >> the potential for scar formation has been reduced tremendously so the thought is that the opening would stay open. >> i feel great. i can breathe. >> what does that feel like? >> amazing. it's amazing. >> well the doctor has purchased this procedure on hundreds of patients including many kids. the best part about it says surgery using this device is covered by insurance. many
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think of surgery and think probably can't afford it but it is covered by insurance. >> boy what a relief for so many people. let's get a check on the weather. >> you know, it's a very comfortable day today. we'll see lots of sunshine, 8:00 this morning, 66 degrees you may notice it feels a little cooler this morning than yesterday but this is still above what's considered average for early november. 78 degrees and pleasant at lunchtime, 82 at 3 p.m., we'll take that, warm, light breeze out there, warmer in bartow at 66. down to 59 in sarasota right now so 59 in crystal river. rainfall back to the west for election day as you we take you closer to home just some high, thin clouds across the area. so a nice sunrise for election day. during the day today you'll feel that breeze, it's not going to be as strong as we felt yesterday but you'll feel it. tomorrow morning you're going to wake up and it will
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i'm bringing in 10 to 20% rain chance with it, only slightly cooler for thursday and friday veterans day but cooler next week. how about traffic? now, i mentioned in the last report we had an accident on the howard frankland bridge. i found it on the cameras here. as you can see looks like only the left lane possibly left 2 lanes squeezing by here but a lot of activity on the right here. so this is southbound on the howard frankland bridge. now, they're up a little bit. the congestion is really just approaching the accident it's not too far back. see the orange area right here, so it's not completely backed up there. at this point you probably just got, you know, 5, 10-minute delay moving across the bridge but i'm going to be keeping an eye on it because as you could see it looks like only that left lane was getting by. northbound is not affected at all. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s.
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, and take care of our veterans. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message. because i'll put the people first.
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. across america the search continues for a california mom who went missing while jogging, family and friends came together monday night for a prayer service. the family believes she was abducted. her husband found her earthquakes phone with her ear phones still intact.
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on the south carolina property of today collup. they were removed monday. the coroner will begin testing. he has been charged in 4 our killings and accused of kidnaping a woman and holding her in a storage container. the war on isis leads to an arrest of a man investigators arrested him, he's accused of paying $1,250 to an isis recruiter and told an undercover informant he wanted to travel overseas. all of the political ads are coming to an end. election day finally here. >> the first results of the presidential race are already coming in, we'll show you where, please we'll look at how the bay areas 2 most populated county cost vote. >> first a live look outside on
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to stop flood insurance hikes. he's protecting our veterans... and our seniors. and he's fighting to keep america safe. gus is for us. gus is always for us. gus is for us. for us! all of us! vote gus bilirakis for congress. i'm gus bilirakis,
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. we talked a lot about election day but you've still got to get the kids off to the bus stop, 65 degrees bus picks them up, later on this afternoon about 2 degrees above average, we'll see a few clouds with a high of 82, no rain chances today, but i do bring it up to a 20% chance tomorrow. that says a very weak cold front comes through. today's high 82, 80 tomorrow and thursday and down to 79 on friday. trouble on the howard frankland bridge, the backups getting a little bigger. we've got a crash near the hump and looking southbound and most of the traffic comes the other
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pinellas county. it looks like they do have possibly 2 left lanes open now so that's a little bit better. as zoom in you can see it is getting little bit congested there.
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it's finally here, election day 2016, both presidential candidates are back home this morning after a late night of campaigning in t the presidential race are already in, we'll tell you who has the early lead after a tiny town in new hampshire voted at midnight. >> plus the importance of florida in the race for the white house why america will be watching how we vote and why every vote in the bay area is so important. well, good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thanks for joining us on this election day tuesday, let's get


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